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The new album is here!!!

Listen to Dream Sequence now on:

For Kids and Families:


Kids Musical Yoga Series 

A week of Yoga and Music!

Dates: July 15th-18th. Monday-Thursday. Rain Date: Friday July 19th.

Time: 4:30-5:30pm

Location: Lexington Community Farm 

Register HERE!


FREE Summer Kids Shows

Thursday July 11: East Arlington Library 10am

Monday July 15: Concord Library 10:30am


Monday July 22: Somerville Community Growing Center 10:30am

Tuesday August 13: Woburn Library 10:30am

Wednesday August 14: Maynard library 10:30am


WanderWild Summer Family Retreat

June 23-26 CapeCod MA

Kimberly is joining the WanderWild Team this summer as the lead children's program teacher! Join us for a family retreat! 

For Adults:


Woman Soul
August 23-28
Spiritual Woman's Healing Retreat
Read More!


ICELAND Yoga Retreat
October 19-26
Adult Yoga Retreat Led by Checka Antifonario, Assisted by me! 
ONE spot left!

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Weekly Yoga and Reiki Healing

Kimberly offers hands on 
Reiki Healing sessions
and weekly
adult yoga at Lotus Yoga in Arlington Ma
Thursdays 12pm all l
evels Flow
Fridays 6pm Slow Flow



 "Magical Ms Kimberly's Musical Yoga" 

to your school, local library, festival or family event!

Join Magical Ms Kimberly on a musical mindful adventure through story and song. She teaches how to use our magical powers of loving kindness, gratitude, breath, and imagination through yoga, meditation, and music! 

Featuring music from her upcoming album, Dream Sequence!

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This show is featured on Assembly Shows for Schools

and Massachusetts Libraries 

About Yogattune

Attune to the energies of the Earth and seasons, the natural wisdom of your body, the collective consciousness, and your own personal magic!

Established in 2016, Yogattune guides children, adults, and communities to awaken their creativity and mindfulness to cultivate joy, awareness, and self love. 


Through Yoga, meditation, chanting, and Earth based Spirituality students will deeply connect with themselves, others, and the natural world around them, leading to deep gratitude for life, and respect for our planet.

Learn More about creator, Kimberly Redd

The Beltane Issue.png

Flow with the Wheel Magazine

Flow with the Wheel is a FREE virtual monthly magazine for families weaving together Yoga and Earth based Spirituality! 

Articles and Videos within!

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What's new with Kimberly?


Religious Education Coordinator

Kimberly has accepted the roll of Religious Education Coordinator at UUCR, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading! 

Here, she will be coordinating classes and events for children and families, teaching religious ed, and co-leading the children's message during  Sunday service: Time for All Ages. 

Unitarian Universalist Churches welcome ALL people, and celebrate MANY faith traditions within! Feel free to come on any Sunday and check it out :)

Artist in Residence 

This year, Kimberly is serving as Cambridge Ellis School's

Artist in Residence! With music from her upcoming album Dream Sequence, she leads Musical Yoga Classes for all students. In addition to a school wide community event, Kimberly and the CES children will create a final music video project together!


Retreat Lead Children's Teacher 

This summer, Kimberly is joining the team at Wander Wild Family Retreats! She will be co-leading children's programing for a family retreat: June 23-26 in CapeCod!

Check out the info here!


Artemis Team and Children's Presenter

 Kimberly is pilgrimaging  back to Avalon in Glastonbury England this summer to present at The Glastonbury Goddess Conference. She will join the Artemis team that will lead the children's program, and present "Magical Ms Kimberly's Musical Yoga"! Check out the conference here!

What people are saying about working with Kimberly 

Kids and Family Yoga 

"I began taking my niece to family yoga, and she fell in LOVE with Kimberly's music-centric yoga classes. She still talks about her big performance at the Yoga Arts Creation Camp showcase and she's always listening to Kimberly's flow-along album on Spotify. Yogattune has been such a great creative outlet for her. And it's been so cool to watch her develop language around mindfulness at such a young age." 

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