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"Sing through my voice

Play through my hands

Let the way be open"

-Abbi Spinner Mcbride


Dream Sequence (2024)
Available on streaming platforms!

Kimberly's second album, Dream Sequence: Kid Songs for Yoga and Relaxation, guides listeners through a full kid friendly yoga experience. From pranayama (breathing), through sequences of asana (poses), to an extended 6 song relaxation, children are guided to get their wiggles out before bedtime, center themselves, and drift off to sleep with a peaceful, positive mindset.
Kimberly is the sole artist on this alum, composing all music, singing lead and harmonies, and accompanying the melodies on guitar. 

Dream Sequence.png

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Flow-along (2019)

Kimberly's first album of original music features her on lead vocals and guitar, and Julia Hoffmann singing harmony and playing fiddle. Listeners will find songs that connect them to their bodies and to the natural world. Children sing-along and flow-along as they embody animals in the woods and in the ocean!  
Each song has a choreographed yoga asana or movement sequence that flows with the music. To learn the sequences, read the guide book Little Tribe Yoga Flow-along. Or get a sneak peek on Magical Ms. Kimberly's Youtube channel!


Flow-along with Magical Ms Kimberly on Youtube!

Live Music Yoga

Kimberly has been partnering with other yoga teachers since 2018 to offer Live Music Yoga: a special event for adults that combines guided yoga practice with a vibrational musical experience. Kimberly's music for adults is a mix of original songs, traditional Earth Based chants, and Sanskrit mantras. She brings a guitar, drum, singing bowl, and a wide vocal range!


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