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Outdoor Classes

Birches Summer

Yoga and Arts Camp!

Summer 2021 Camp Dates
July 26th-30th........ Ages 8-12
August 2nd-6th....... Ages 4-10
August 9th-13th...... Ages 4-10
August 16th-20th....Ages 4-10
Birches School Lincoln MA



Sunrise Program option: 8am

The ultimate summer experience for children is here! Birches Summer Arts and Yoga Programs embody creativity, connection, and fun! Children will have a blast learning the basics of yoga, meditation and mindfulness wrapped into songs, stories, art, and games. We will explore our connection to ourselves, friendship, and the magic of the Earth as we sing, dance, create art, and hike through the woods together! 


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Kids Yogattune

Spring Outdoor Series!


6 Wednesdays 4:30-5:15pm

April 28th-June 2nd

Lexington Community Farm- 52 Lowell Street,

Lexington MA

Ages 4-8

This Class is SOLD OUT



All Levels Flow (adults)

Fridays 12:00-1:00pm

Magnolia Park Arlington MA

May and June

Sundays 10:30-11:14pm

Whittemore Park Arlington MA

Live Music Savasana 


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Online Classes


Bedtime Yoga 

Monday Nights 7:30-8pm 

Ages 3-8

A relaxing and engaging class before sleep time!

 Come in PJs, teeth brushed, and bring a stuffy! 

Drift off to sleep after Savasana 

By donation

This is a community class! Pay what you can, and all proceeds will be donated. Yogattune's charity of choice for this session is Give India- Mission: Meals and Rations. This is an organization to send relief to India during this covid crisis, specifically giving food to families in need. Please let your kids know that they (and you the parents) are contributing to this important cause. 

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Weekly live online class series 

Spring 2021
April 28-June 2nd (6 weeks)
Wednesdays 7:30-8:15 pm
Make-up class June 9th if teacher needs to cancel for any reason. 
Deadline to register April 27th!  
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The perfect way de-stress and re-center before bed!

This class will guide students through asana(poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques) in a way that is gentle and beginner friendly. Class begins with a check in to see how each student is feeling in their mind, body, and heart. After stretching and flowing, we will ease into a peaceful Savasana(relaxation). Class will end with either a mindful journal prompt or an open discussion. Our theme for this course will be The Niyamas: The second branch of the 8 Limb path of Yoga, 5 philosophy teachings. There will be an emphasis on creating a safe space for all, and self observation without judgment.

Please bring: A yoga mat, 2 pillows, a blanket, a journal and pen

Optional: Blocks (or books to use in place of blocks)


Private Classes and Events


Kimberly is currently available for booking 

Wednesday mornings,

Fridays, and Sunday afternoons!

Online Private

Kids Yogattune Classes 

Kids Yogattune classes are designed to guide children into deeper connection with their body, mind, and spirit. Through yoga, meditation, and music, we attune to self love, the elements of the Earth and our own creativity. Private classes are tailored to your child or teen's specific needs, interests, and abilities. Parents, you can request what you would like your child's class to focus on (i.e. calming techniques, body awareness, understanding feelings, strength building etc.)

Private Class (1-4 people)

30 minute class: $70

45 minute class: $80

1 hour class: $90

Group Classes ( 5+ people)

30 minute class: $130

45 minute class: $140

1 hour class: $150

Please choose a time frame that you feel best suits your child(ren). 30 minute classes recommended for preschoolers. 

Online Private

Adult Yogattune Classes

Customize your class! For an adult private or group class, you can choose 45 minutes or 1 hour of Beginner Yoga, Gentle Slow Flow,  Vinyasa Flow, or Parent and Baby Yoga. 

Parent and Baby Yoga

Nurture the body and bond with baby! This class has four key elements: Gentle yoga warm up, Strength building, Yoga for baby, and Meditation in Restorative postures. 

Classes will be designed to fit the needs of the individual. This can include re-building core muscles after childbirth, songs to sing with baby, helping parent and baby de-stress, and more. If there is someone else present in your home that can watch baby, you have the option for baby to be present during your whole class, or half of class, depending on what you would like to focus on. 

A common question I receive is...What if baby cries, or needs to be fed or changed during our class? And my answer is: don't worry! We follow baby's lead :)

Private class (1-4 people):

45 minute class: $80

1 hour class: $90

Private Group Classes ( 5+ people)

45 minute class: $140

1 hour class: $150

Please reach out to me if...

*You would like to book a class or class series!

*You don't see a private class option that fits your needs and would like to request something else.



*You are in need financial assistance to take a class