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Kimberly Redd
E-RYT, RCYT, RPYT, Reiki 1



Growing up,  my first experiences of deep connection to myself, others, and the world was through singing in choir, dance, and theatre performance. Diving into these creative practices brought me empathy, curiosity about the human experience, and spiritual connection. While pursuing theatre, I taught acting, music, and dance classes to children. I fell in love with their bright creative spirits, and began to feel extremely passionate about the way children are taught and raised.

 In 2019, I recorded and released my first album of music for kids: Little Tribe Yoga, Flow-along, and published a parent/teacher guidebook to accompany it. In addition to children's music, I write Earth centered chants and mantras for adults and play them live for Yoga classes and workshops.


Yoga was first introduced to me by a dance teacher at Dean College while completing my BA in Musical Theatre. While working as a performer, yoga always helped me to stay grounded and connected to my true self. 

Like many others, I started with Asana practice, but it was when I dove into meditation and attention to breath that my yoga became much deeper. I discovered the mental space to become a better problem solver, listener, communicator, student, and teacher.

I completed my 200hr RYT at Kriplau School of Yoga in 2016 and my 95 hr RCYT (registered children’s yoga teacher), in 2019 with Wee Yogis in San Francisco. Along the way, I’ve also trained in Reiki with Libby Barnet, Yoga for Babies and Toddlers with Childlight Yoga, and Meditation and Mindfulness for Children with Kidpowerment Yoga. 

I absolutely love the variety and excitement of teaching for all ages! Each class from parent and baby, to kids, to teen, to adults, has its own special energy. No matter how old the students are, all of my classes emphasize self love and self observation without judgment. When someone is showing themselves love and care, that love is what reflects back out to the world. In my classes, you will find a focus on spirituality, creativity, and the freedom to explore and express your unique self.


Over the years, I have explored many spiritual traditions including Christianity, Shinnyo en Buddhism, The 8 Limb Path of Yoga, Goddess, Wicca, and The Magian Way. My teachers include: Eclipse Neilson, Graell Corsini, Reiko Tanaka, Michelle Dalbec, Rudy Peirce, Ginger Boermeester, Jyoti Levi, and Rita Pandey.

As my eclectic personal practice grows, I continue to grow awareness of my energy, feelings, sensations, empathy towards others, power of manifestation, and my connection to the magic of the Earth. I am particularly drawn to practice and share Goddess Spirituality that is centered around honoring the Great Mother/Divine Feminine within the Earth's elements and within each of us. I am passionate about attuning to the energy of the seasons through celebrating the Wheel of the Year (8 Holi-days including solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarters.) I am also passionate about creating ceremony and ritual in our daily lives to grow gratitude and a sense of awe and sacredness in our world.

I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunities to do the work that I do.


  • Sacred Birth Prenatal Yoga 85hr RPYT and Birth Doula Training 

    • 2023 Awakened Spirit Yoga

  • Midwifing the Veils Priestess Training

    • 2023 Ashland OR Goddess Temple, taught by Graell Corsini 

  • Retreat Planner Training

    •  2022 Yogaway Retreats with Checka Antifonario

  • Magian Priestess Training

    •  2019-2021 with Eclipse Neilson 

  • 95hr RCYT, Wee Yogis Children’s Yoga

    • 2019, with Jocelyn Kay Levy 

  • Meditation and Mindfulness for Children

    • ​ 2018 Kidpowerment Yoga with Christyn Schroeder and Checka Antifonario

  • Early Childhood Development

    • 2018 Bunker Hill Community College

  • Yoga for Babies and Toddlers

    • 2017 Childlight Yoga 

  •  Yoga and Mindfulness for children

    •  2017 Childlight Yoga

  • Reiki Level 1

    • 2016 Reiki Healing Connection, with Reiki Master Libby Barnet

  • 200hr RYT

    • Kripalu School of Yoga 2016, with Michelle Dalbec and Rudy Pierce 

  • BA Musical Theatre Arts

    •  Dean College 2014, Honors: Magna Cum Laude

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