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Little Tribe Yoga,Flow-along

Bring yoga, mindfulness, and music to your favorite little ones with Little Tribe Yoga: Flow-Along! Whether you are a parent or teacher, new to yoga, or an experienced Yogi, now YOU can guide your children in a fun and safe yoga practice. Inside this book you will find eleven yoga sequences and access to the Flow-along album of original music that accompanies them. Sing-along, and flow-along! Perfect for ages 3-8

Our Flow-Along Book has become a staple in my kids lives!

"It comes with FREE downloadable music and the kids have learned all the songs by heart. I also volunteer as a “kids yoga teacher” at my kid’s preschool and I have been able to easily take the book and the music and create concrete lesson plans that are creative and fun! AND, her music is breathtaking and saves me from having to sing!”

"I use this in class with my littles! The songs are easy to download, and the kids go nuts. It has changed the way they see exercise. Highly recommend"

"This book is so good for children. I’ve got my 2 and 4 year old doing yoga. It’s so much fun. Would highly recommend. The free download music is great."

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