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Yoga and Meditation

for Performers 


CompassionART workshop now available ONLINE!

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Are you a performing artist living in the bustling, competitive world of the entertainment industry? The simple, yet effective practices we explore in CompassionART Yoga can transform your mindset and overall well-being. Whether you want to boost your mental, emotional, or physical health, or have a desire to learn uplifting practices to boost your mood and creativity, this workshop is for you! Lead by Yoga instructor/performers, Julia Hoffmann and Kimberly Fife, CompassionART delves into multiple forms of meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to help artists navigate stress, anxiety, and creative blocks. Learn pre/post-audition and performance practices as well daily techniques to better your life and career!


Instructors Kimberly Fife and Julia Hoffman are passionate about sharing the wisdom of these teachings to performers of all ages.

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A look at
CompassionArt's workshop

at Balance Art Center in NYC

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