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A note from Kimberly...

"What is a Priestess? 

Within the lineages that I have trained, a Priestess is a woman devoted to the path of Sacred Living. She is a devote of the Great Mother Goddess, aligning every aspect of her life with Spirit, striving to embody love, compassion, and gratitude. She understands the power of her own energy and channels that energy for healing herself, others, and the collective. A Priestess honors the Earth, connects with the elements, and celebrates seasons as the change. She honors the stars, moon, and sun. She honors the body, the womb cycle, emotion, and all life."

Offerings and Events

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Birth Doula Services

Package descriptions coming soon!

Including options for: Pre and Post natal Yoga, Reiki Healing,  Chanting/Songs for pregnancy and labor, Mother's Blessing way, Fear releasing ceremony, Baby blessing ceremony. 

Private Healings and Ceremony

All of the offerings below are filled with my deepest intention of serving you and your loved ones directly from my heart, hands, and voice.

Depending on distance, these sessions can happen at your home, or at a local designated meeting place such as a park or studio.


Woman Soul
Annual Women's Healing Retreat
August 23-28 2024
Shutesbury MA (Pioneer Vally) 
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Healing Offerings

Yoga and Reiki:

  • Yoga with music/sound healingYoga sessions available are: Kids, Teens, Adults, Family, Parent and Baby, and Prenatal! You can customize your session to end with Reiki and/or sound healing. No prior yoga experience necessary.

  • *Reiki and Sound Healing: Available for only 1 person at a time. This relaxing sessions include hands on energy healing and end with sounds of singing bowls, koshi chimes, and vocal toning. 

Ritual Ceremony:

  • Woman's Circle: Invite your circle of female identifying friends or family members to gather for a night of magic. We will cast our circle by calling in the elements and 4 cardinal directions. During our ceremony, everyone will get a chance to share their feelings and truths in a safe container. We will draw oracle cards for guidance, mediate, and sing together, as we honor what it feels like to walk as a woman in this world.​ (1-2 hours) 

  • Family Connecting (for parents and kids): This a ceremony for your family to cultivate gratitude and connection with each other. We will cast circle, creating a special night in sacred space, allowing you and your family members to talk freely about what you love about each other, and what you'd like to shift about your family/household culture. Meditate, sing songs, and built trust together. (45 min to 1 hour).

  • First Menarche Ceremony (for teen girls): Also known as a Red Party, this is a ceremony is to honor the transition from child to young woman. We will lovingly celebrate our honored guest with red fruits and sweets, words of wisdom from elders, song and dance. This ceremony can be tailored to what she and her mother are comfortable with. (45 minutes to 1.5 hours)

  • Baby Blessing: Also known as a naming ceremony, this rite can be done with the immediate  family or within a gathering of extended family and friends! The child's parents will share the baby's full name and place the infants feet on the Earth for the fist time. (It's ok if they have previously touched the ground). Priestess will say a special blessing for the baby, and each person present will be invited do so as well.

Feel free to reach out with questions or with another ritual request not shown here!

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