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Woman Soul

August 23-28 2024


Woman Soul is a healing retreat for women, held on the spectacular land of Sirius Community in the Berkshires. It is a community where the mystical is honored, evoked and celebrated in new ways and with a down-to-earth style for over 35 years.

Founded by Eclipse Neilson
and the women of the Soul

Our days consist of workshops, council, play, concerts, discussion of the mystical and adventures on the land. We feast on food from the land and precious moments spent together. Our approach is unique and only found at Woman Soul.

The core of the Woman Soul process is the celebration of authenticity. Every day we explore new ways to express spirit. Each year we preserve a heartfelt truth that is revealed in our rituals, in our community and through a well-designed program; it also serves as a springboard for the next year.

We work with Goddess energy in profound ways and unlock ancient mysteries, while bringing purpose and healing to our lives and the world. We feature both indoor and outdoor workshops, evening entertainment, ceremonies to honor our elders, and rituals to align with the Goddess of the year.

Woman Soul is a place you can come and discover your spirit and talk about deep changes with others. You get to have the conversations that are often lacking in a busy everyday life. We ask only that you be present with us and stand strong with your heart vision in a circle of women who care.

If you are seeking paradigm shifts--the "ah ha’s" that last long after the experience, we will help create vessels for this to happen. If you are seeking a community that will embrace your uniqueness and at the same time invite you to play, to explore, and to grow, Woman Soul is the place. Come join us.

*Note- this is not a yoga retreat. Our magic at Woman's soul is woven through discussions, crafts, song, and ritual.


Stay at Sirius Community 
See their site!


About Eclipse

 Eclipse Neilson: Director of Woman Soul, Visionary Activist, Artist, Award Winning author, founder of the Magaian Way, and Optioned Screenwriter.

Her work includes Stand In My Heart: An Elephant’s Prayer; Motherghost: A Journey to the Mother; The Moon in Hand: A Mystical Passage; Wing & Bough ; Apple Dreams; Journey to the Heart cards; and The Singing Forest Divination Deck. She leads programs on cosmic alignments, and several tribal traditions have honored her as a “Vision Keeper.”

  • Where: Sirius Community Eco Village Shutesbury MA

  • When: August 23-28: Friday evening through Wednesday morning 

  • Price: $675

  • Please let us know if you are in need of financial assistance.

  • We are always accepting donations! Please consider paying more to help other sisters join the circle.


  • Room

  • Food- three vegetarian meals a day with most food grown on site

  • All aspects of Woman's Soul Program

To register,

please send a $200 deposit check to 

Eclipse Neilson 

17 Whipple Ave

Barrington RI


We are more than happy to

answer any questions! 

Call or email Kimberly (Ka) at: 

781 354 5317 



“I walked into WS for the first time in 2018. There, I feel so connected to source and to my own power, creativity, and full expression of who I am. Through singing, movement, group discussions, connections with other women, and time to deeply connect with nature, magic returned to my heart.

My first year, we honored the Goddess Proserpina. Followed by Saraswathi, Kali, Usha, and soon to come this summer, Cerridwen. Connecting with Goddess, their stories, and their energy brought me deep healing. I’ve come into deeper respect for myself,  the wisdom and the journeys of women in our world, and for the divine feminine energy present in all life.”


"I was (so!!) lucky to stumble on Woman Soul thirty years ago, and I've only missed going once in all that time. And there are several others who've been there at least that long! I love that we're such a deeply-rooted circle, but that the new ones who find us somehow also seem like they've been in this circle forever-- it's that kind of magical place outside of time. I don't know of anywhere else that's so deep (but also appreciates the everyday little things), soul-serious (but playful and unpretentious), and healing on so many levels.

If this retreat were just about spending time on that sacred land, it'd be enough. If it were just this group of amazing women hanging out, that'd be enough too. If it were only the healing, transformational, beautiful rituals, it'd be worth my (six hour) drive there. But to have all of that (and as the infomercials say, but wait-- there's more!!)... well, it's the highlight of my year. It feeds my soul deeply. It blows me away every time, and leaves me practically sputtering wordlessly when people back home ask me how it was and what we did. It really is that good."


"Coming to Woman Soul for the first time was a revelation, a homecoming, an affirmation.
I was warmly welcomed with hugs and smiles and song.
Going through the gateway, our first ritual, allowed me to leave things behind so I could be fully present to the information, joy, ritual, fun, creativity, relaxation, laughter, great food, siStarhood, gift sharing, new friendships, and pure love that I encountered.
There is no other gathering like Woman Soul. It can rock your world, like a cradle."
      -Mosa Ba

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