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Cultivating mindfulness, creativity, and connections

through Yoga, Music, Art, and Meditation

Offering classes, camps, private sessions

and workshops for children and adults!

What people are saying about Yogattune!

Kids and Family Yoga 

"I began taking my niece to family yoga, and she fell in LOVE with Kimberly's music-centric yoga classes. She still talks about her big performance at the Yoga Arts Creation Camp showcase and she's always listening to Kimberly's flow-along album on Spotify. Yogattune has been such a great creative outlet for her. And it's been so cool to watch her develop language around mindfulness at such a young age." 

Private Classes


Kimberly is currently available for booking online private classes

and events for all ages:

Wednesday mornings, Fridays, and Sunday afternoons!

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Online Classes



Weekly live online class series 

Late Winter 2021
February 21st-March 31st (6 weeks)
Wednesdays 7:30-8:15 pm
Make-up class April 7th if teacher needs to cancel for any reason. 
Deadline to register February 21st  
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The perfect way de-stress and re-center before bed!

This class will guide students through asana(poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques) in a way that is gentle and beginner friendly. Class begins with a check in to see how each student is feeling in their mind, body, and heart. After stretching and flowing, we will ease into a peaceful Savasana(relaxation). Class will end with either a mindful journal prompt or an open discussion. Our theme for this course will be The Yamas: The first 5 philosophy teachings of the 8 Limb path of Yoga. There will be an emphasis on creating a safe space for all, and self observation without judgment.

Please bring: A yoga mat, 2 pillows, a blanket, a journal and pen

Optional: Blocks (or books to use in place of blocks)

Online Classes


Bedtime Yoga 

Monday Nights 7:30-8pm 

Ages 3-8

A relaxing and engaging class before sleep time!

 Come in PJs, teeth brushed, and bring a stuffy! 

Drift off to sleep after Savasana 


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Sunday Morning

All Levels Flow (adults)

Live music in Savasana! 

10-11:15 am

Livestream from Lotus Yoga Arlington

Spend Sunday morning at home on your mat! Gentle and energizing flow ending in meditation. 

Must register in advance 

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Attune to the energies of the Earth and seasons, the natural wisdom of your body, the collective consciousness, and your powers of creativity! 

Yogattune guides children, adults, and communities to awaken their creativity and mindfulness to cultivate joy, awareness, and self love. 


Through the practices of yoga, art, movement, music, and meditation, students will deeply connect with themselves,  each other, and the world around them. 


Creator, Kimberly Marie Fife offers classes, workshops, camps, live music yoga, and private sessions for all ages, mostly in the greater Boston area. Check out her first book and album, Little Tribe Yoga Flow-along!

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Little Tribe Yoga, Flow-along!

Bring yoga, mindfulness, and music to your favorite little ones with Little Tribe Yoga: Flow-Along! Perfect for ages 3-10. Whether you are a parent or teacher, new to yoga, or an experienced Yogi, now YOU can guide your children in a fun and safe yoga practice. Inside this book you will find eleven yoga sequences and access to the Flow-along album of original music that accompanies them. Sing-along, and flow-along!

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